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Music for a Free World (CD)


Music for a Free World (CD)

$ 14.00

Dave Sewelson - baritone and sopranino saxophone
Steve Swell - trombone
William Parker - bass
Marvin Bugalu Smith - drums

The title track “Music for a Free World” is an older melody reprised for this record. The rest of this session is collectively improvised except the last track “Bill” which is a song for the memory of the wonderful guitarist/composer and friend Bill Horvitz who was a tremendous help to me in the early years of his great musical adventure.

1 Music for a Free World * 10:03
2 Tensiana*** 21:10
3 TB** 3:11
4 Well** 4:07
5 Calm Pose*** 5:45
6 Bill * 7:45
1 Music for a Free World * 10:03

All music © 2017

*by Sewelson
Baritunes (ASCAP)
** Spontaneously Composed by Sewelson and Swell
Steve Swell Music (BMI) and Baritunes (ASCAP)
*** Spontaneously Composed by Parker, Sewelson, Smith, Swell
Centering Music (BMI) Steve Swell Music (BMI), Baritunes (ASCAP)

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